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Bushwalking in the Element

Ok, I’m sitting down with the aim of spending the next few hours catching up on my blog.  Today is Kaleena’s last day in Australia (so alot has happened), we got up at the crack of dawn and headed two hours away to the Blue Mountains.  I have been before here and here but it is still one of my favorite weekend getaways.

This time we took the train and purchased one of the hop on/ hop off tours.

We had great weather for the start of the day, which was a relief, this summer Sydney has received record rainfall.

It just so happened that there was also a sculpture display in the rainforest, so we went on a 50 minute walk to see the artists’ creations.  Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

I’m not sure what this red thing is, but it won some sort of award….hmmm not sure about that.

This one has Peter Wabbit on the side of the boat….and the rabbits are naked…I think the bigger question is why is this on display in a rainforest!

This flower display was probably one of the best, these tiny flowers were ceramic!

And then we came across this….really wasn’t sure what was ahead of us on the other side of this message.

And this is pretty much how the afternoon walk through the sculpture display went, we never know what was awaiting us around the corner.

I guess this means that for $725 they will could cut down this tree and make a tv cabinet?  :-O.

A 50 minute walk through the rainforest wasn’t enough…somehow Kaleena talked me into going on a 40 minute bushwalk, I’m convinced this took us longer than 40 minutes because we had to navigate through the mud (which included scaling fences, walking on off the beaten track and balancing on tree twigs).  To make matters even better it starts to POUR DOWN about 3/4 of the way through the walk. 

After all this walking/running through the rain we worked up quite the appetite.  We came across this cute little cafe with AMAZING food, I wouldn’t have expected to find a place so contemporary in the middle of a small mountain town!

Did I mention the food was amazing?!?  I had the steak sandwich, the restaurant used local ingredients and made their own bread on site daily.  This sandwich literally melted in my mouth.

A day wouldn’t be complete without having some chocolate desert….we both agreed that desert goes to a different place…maybe a second stomach…this chocolate was to die for, which was clear because neither of us took the time to take pictures!


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