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Day one: Journey to Marlborough


For those of you who don’t know I’m gearing up for a move back to the US, so my adventures in Oz are winding down. With this comes the drama of packing, wrapping up my clientobligations andmy very last day at the AU firm (woo hoooo)! I’m taking a hiatus from all of this to enjoy a new Zealand getaway with my other half. Tuesday at midnight we arrived in Christchurch, I’d love to say we kept the party going but with the two hour time difference from Sydney and a full day running around and cleaning to prepare for the trip we only managed to get in bed! Wednesday I had every intention of getting up early and driving to Kaikoura for some whale watching but of course we overslept. I wasn’t too disappointed because it was raining and the cruise would have been cancelled or I would have gone and been irritated to be in the rain for 3 hours. Instead we had breakfast in Christchurch, rode around the city for a bit and checked out the visitors center. As a reminder, there was a huge (7.1) earthquake in Christchurch in September 2010 and the city hasn’t been the same since. My coworkers and others I know from new Zealand said the rebuilding was still in progress so we only planned to fly in and out of Christchurch and not spend much time here , that said I was impressed by the city and not put off by the aftershock that woke us up this am ;-).

20120704-221247.jpg We drove 6 hours up the east coast to Blenheim, the Marlborough region know for Sauvignon Blanc (this is likely to be the highlight of the trip for me!). Australia is a gorgeous country but it doesn’t have anything on New Zealand! It’s just so green! And there really isn’t anything like the combination of mountains and the ocean! Along the way we stopped at Ohua Point, a lookout point right off the highway and there were so many seals! I’m going to have to get a picture of the warning road sign to look out for seals (bizarre!).

20120704-221802.jpg. This has also been referred to as the baby seal day care as there are far more baby seals here and the adults are usually out hunting.

20120704-221930.jpg The seals easily blend in with the rocks, but hopefully you can spot them?


The weather really didn’t cooperate with us today but hopefully tomorrow we can get some more outdoor pictures.

We are staying at a boutique hotel tonight and it as a pleasant surprise! So I’ll leave you with some pictures and a Happy 4th of July! I hope someone is out there grilling out for us! Since we have access to wifi hopefully I will be able to blog about our wine tour tomorrow!




July 5, 2012 - Posted by | regular


  1. No worries! We grilled… And yes it was good!

    Comment by Leisha | July 5, 2012 | Reply

    • Sooooo jealous! What I wouldn’t give for a beef hotdog!

      Comment by Kyishia | July 5, 2012 | Reply

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