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Day two: Cheers!


This morning we got up for a good breakfast to properly brace ourselves for a full day of drinking YES! We booked the Bubbly Grape wine tour and they picked us up from the hotel, which is so convenient and ensures we both get to drink without worrying about the car! Meet Jonathan with Bubbly Grape tours, he was amazing!

20120705-174051.jpg. The weather attempted to play along today, it only drizzled a bit and the clouds lifted periodically for some pics of the mountains.


20120705-174711.jpg. We learned some facts about the area etc. there are approximately 30,000 people in Bleinheim, 120 vineyards, 50 cellar doors and over 500 contract growers who sell their wines.

20120705-175518.jpg. The first winery we stopped at, Lawson’s Dry Hills had great Sauvignon Blanc that has even won awards in Washington DC!

20120705-175814.jpg. My hair was only about 40% dry in this picture, watch it transform as the day progresses.

20120705-180008.jpg. Another fun fact, 4-5 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc are made from one vine, this equates to about a kilogram of grapes.

20120705-180248.jpg. So another reason Marlborough is right up my alley…grapes that make full bodied red wines don’t grow here…woo hooo! I’m a big white wine drinker and prefer Pinot noir if I’m going to drink red wine. The Marlborough region is growing more famous for its Pinot noir.

20120705-180604.jpg. In the pic below you can see big ole fans that are used to prevent the cold air and consequently the frost from settling on the grapes (causing them to lose the crop). Vineyards that don’t have the fans use helicopters to keep the air moving, of a night when frost is predicted there may be as many as 120 helicopters in the area!!

20120705-181045.jpg There are also three mussel factories here that run 24/7 and yield three tonnes of mussels a day, wow!


20120705-181413.jpg. There was an art gallery at one of the cellar doors and the artist was in painting. Just gorgeous paintings!


20120705-181659.jpg. We had a great day, that about sums it up…so I will leave you with a few more pictures until tomorrow (fingers crossed we will have free wifi…we are getting up early and driving 7 hours down the west coast to the glaciers).






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