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Day 3: Holy Cow!

We drove seven hours to Franz Josef today, it is south west if where we were yesterday in Blenheim. We have one night here before heading five hours further south to Queenstown where we will essentially spend the rest of our time in new Zealand.

20120706-220605.jpg. Today’s drive was tiring because it as sensory overload, the countryside is GORGEOUS and the driving requires your full attention, lots of very narrow roads with hairpin turns and very little shoulder or margin for error.

20120706-220754.jpg. I started the drive today and just as Reggie got good and sleep half way through my shift we came up on some cows…not just a few but like 100.

20120706-220713.jpg. I was amused at first…but they kept coming and then moved into the road! At this stage Reggie needed to wake up and make sure I didn’t hit a cow!

20120706-220730.jpg. I have really not seen anything like this in my life! But we made it safely and I was pleasantly surprised by our accommodation, a little villa.



20120707-104505.jpg. We ventured out to town to have a look around, partake in happy hour, and just relax.


20120707-104813.jpg. Reggie challenged himself to 6 beers in 60 minutes and amazingly wasn’t completely wasted afterwards…he was proud of himself :-/.

20120707-111948.jpg. From here we went to chill out to the maximum at the glacier hot pools, we paid a bit more for our own private pool and cabana….can we say exclusive! Quite romantic as well…



20120707-203648.jpg. Tomorrow we are going to tour the glaciers before heading 5 hours south to Queenstown. I feel so relaxed and I’m having a great time! Today I realized this is our first real vacation in 2 years and the first time in awhile we have gone out of town alone.


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