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Day Five & Six: Skiing

Thought I would never see the day that I would actually go skiing! I can’t say I had a strong desire to go previously but I’m so glad I did give it a try!


20120709-090951.jpg. Let me stop here and say I am having a really bad hair day so don’t judge the rest of these pictures!

20120710-095830.jpg. We purchased a bundle so we could rent our equipment and have some lessons. We skied at the remarkables ski slope about 45 minutes from Queenstown. Its really not that far from the city but its 15 km up the mountain…and that drive was SCARY! A great deal of the drive doesn’t have guard rails and no shoulder which means no margin for error before you are off the side of a mountain!

20120710-214555.jpg. Once we had our equipment we had an hour to kill before our first lesson and i foolishly let Reggie convince me we could make it down one of the smaller slopes….not the baby slope. Reggie went first and he was FLYING down the hill,he made it all the way to the bottom before wiping out. This should have discouraged me…or maybe even seeing the amount of effort it was taking him to get up…I did think twice, I mean i really
thought about it….but I didn’t want to be the coward, so I went for it. This just was not smart! I didn’t know how to slow down, turn or stop….so, I made it half way down, rolled about another 25% down, lost a ski, my poles and I’m sure gave several people a good laugh. And this pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day…I fell so much I was no longer embarrassed by it. I laughed and had a great time. We learned some basics in our lesson and by the time we left we were excited to come back the next day and give it another go.

20120710-220415.jpg. The second day we got an earlier start to get a full day of skiing in. We had more lessons and ventured up the ski lift to the real slopes….yes to this point we have been hanging out in the kid zone.

20120710-220602.jpg. We went up without our skis to check things out…and these slopes were the big time. After watching a number of people rash and burn while trying to get out the lift I realized this was beyond my current skill level. Reggie on the other hand was convinced he could handle it….rumor has it he did some rolling around in the snow….he looked like a pro by the time he came I to my view though :-).

20120710-220843.jpg. Watching the kids (4-6 years old ) flying down the intermediate course was mind blowing! These kids must have been coming to the slows since they were able to walk! There were also a group of teenagers dressed as cartoon characters and various animals e.g. Elmo, an elephant, giraffe, etc. they were easy to spot coming down the mountain and appeared to be having a blast.

20120710-221301.jpg. We had a blast and are making plans to come back to Queenstown for more skiing next year! By then the bruised feet ( from the tight boots) and the sore bodies will be distant memories.
We freshened up at the hotel and headed to town for a seafood dinner and a night cap at the ice bar. When we arrived the temperature was minus 9 degrees celcius.

20120710-221719.jpg. I should have known we were in for something “special” when they provided us with huge coats and gloves before allowing us in the bar.

20120710-221850.jpg. This bar charges $25 admission and must make a killing because people don’t tend to stay long!


20120710-222116.jpg. It was sooooo cold in here! Everything was made of ice, including the glass holding our drink!


20120710-222323.jpg. What a great day! Queenstown was the highlight of our time in new Zealand and we will definitely be back!


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